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                              The Himalayan Cat


             Have you ever seen one cat breed of coloring of another?

Here it is - the Himalayan cat, a gorgeous Persian with beautiful

Siamese coloring. The Himalayan breed was created by crossing

a Persian and a Siamese in 1931 and became one of the most popular

breeds nowadays. For decades Himalayan breeders have been

working on the breed to achieve its Persian appearance which has

been lost in the beginning. In present day, the Himalayan is actually

a colorpoint Persian.

Everything Is Short And Round

             The Himalayan, like the Persian, is a medium-to-large sized,

heavily boned and well-balanced cat. It has a cobby body, massive

round head with small round-tipped ears and a short snub nose, short

legs, large round paws with irresistible tufts between toes, and short

bushy tail. Its coat is long, rich and flowing, and varies from fine silky

to thick cotton. It's light in the body and dark at the points - the facial

mask, ears, legs, feet and tail - which show the basic color of the cat.

A slow development of the Himalayan color makes the cat look

different at the various stages of his life. The points completely

appear when the cat fully matures and the clear body color may

darken with age.

             There is a variety of pointed colors to choose from - seal,

blue, flame (red), cream, chocolate, lilac, tortie, blue-cream,

chocolate-tortie, and lilac-cream; plus all of these colors in the lynx

pattern or tabby markings. Regardless the main color and pattern, its

perfectly round eyes are always blue. The shape and set of the eyes

make up the Himalayan sweet open expression that will melt your


Sweet, But Playful

              Like any other cat, every Himalayan has his own

personality, but generally the Himalayans, or as they are nicely called

"Himmies", are very gentle, calm, sweet-natured and people-oriented

cats. However, compared to the Persians, the Himalayans have

a higher activity level. They may lay on your lap and sleep on your

bed all night, but they will also follow you everywhere watching what

you are doing. They may be relaxed and lazy most of the time, but

they will surprise you by playing and running around. They are not

boring cats - they can be very active and funny, too! 

The Himalayans are slowly maturing cats, so you can enjoy their

kitten-like personality for a long time.

Not For A Busy Owner

            The Himalayans are very dependent upon their owners and

require a lot of attention. Grooming is essential for them. To keep

them clean and looking beautiful, they have to be daily brushed and

monthly bathed; their nails should be clipped and their eyes and ears

cleaned. Missing a few "grooming sessions" will result in having

a "greasy" kitty with a lot of mats in his fur and stained eyes.

Grooming on a regular basis will not only help avoid these problems,

but your fluffy friend will also enjoy it as a type of interaction with


             Generally, the Himalayan is a healthy and vigorous cat.

Due to the foreshortened muzzle, most Himalayans do have more or

less running eyes. The tears leave brownish stains, and, in bad cases,

a tear duct blockage or eye infection may occur. Despite the shortness

of the nose, the Himalayan is not prone to respiratory problems.

             Healthy, beautiful, lovable and playful, the Himmy is

a perfect indoor feline companion. Once you own the Himalayan,

you will fall in love with this breed, the wonderful mix of the Persian

and Siamese genes.

Note:  The Siamese cats are not used in Himalayan breeding

programs any more.


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