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PKD - negative cattery

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FELINART cattery is located in CFA Northwest and TICA Mid-Pacific Region. Our goal is to produce healthy beautiful Himalayans, that meet CFA Himalayan Persian and TICA Persian Breed Group standards, with excellent temperament. All our breeding cats are DNA tested negative for PKD, Polycystic Kidney Disease. All cats are fully vaccinated by non-adjuvanted  vaccines only, de-wormed, and regularly tested for Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. Before breeding queens and studs are thoroughly examined by our veterinarian and even checked for parasites and some infections, which might be hidden in cats but could be picked up at show halls or hotel rooms. We enjoy showing our beauties in CFA and TICA. We are members of TICA, the Atlantic Himalayan Club, and CFA Breed Council. We signed the Voluntary Code of Ethics, which is a part of the Responsible Breeder Program. Our lines include Demiara, Jolee, Sulltans, Sandypaws, Oakheaven, Teahs, Hadakat, Artemis, Everclassic, Sandilair, Grovewood, and more. Deciding to add a new kitten to the cattery, we look at very good quality kittens from well-known lines and with desirable traits. However, we'd like to remain small to pay a lot of attention to each of our cats and make newborns well socialized with humans. Cats are not gregarious, and we believe that in small catteries cats are more healthy and happy. Our cattery is cageless; we use a big comfortable playpen for the special purposes only. All our kitties are not "working cats," but are members of our family; they're spoiled rotten and loved to death.
MP Regional Awards Ceremony 2006
Photo © Chanan
MP Regional Awards Ceremony 2011
Photo © Chanan

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